Sunday, October 9, 2011

Space Pirates and Zombies

There seem to be a lot of good indie games out there lately, and Space Pirates and Zombies is one that I've been playing quite a bit. It's a top down, 2D space shooter and brings up, for me at least, very warm memories of my beloved Star Control series. It's pretty fun; you have a big mothership that you can use to build your fleet. There are five sizes of ships, from tiny to enormous, and each size has a bunch of different blueprints that you can customize with different weapons and various defense and support systems. You can have three ships active at any given time. At the beginning of the game, you determine the size of the galaxy that you're going to be exploring; if I remember correctly, you can have between 100-300 star systems. Each system has a bunch of different side missions you can do; they're usually pretty generic, but most of them involve you blowing up other space ships, and honestly, that never gets boring. The plot is solid enough, with a few laughs thrown in here and there. I'm about 30 hours in, and haven't finished it just yet, but I'm getting a feeling that I might be close. You can get it on Steam, and it's definitely worth $15, especially if you were a Star Con nut back in the day.

Now, here's a picture of me blowing up some spaceships:

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