Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Alpha Protocol is Really Fun

I know it got slammed by a lot of the popular online review sites (given how vastly inflated game reviews are, a Metacritic average of 72 is apparently a disaster) but I've been playing Alpha Protocol lately and really, really enjoying it. I'm only three hours in, so it's still early, but for some reason I find it very fun and entertaining. Yes, the AI is bad sometimes, the animations aren't great and the game in general is kind of janky and rough around the edges. But the conversation system is brilliant (adding a time limit for your responses is a great idea; Bioware take note), the voice acting is generally pretty good, and I just love the idea of a spy role-playing game taking place in the modern world of regional conflicts and covert operations. This game has set my heart pounding a bunch of times, and I can't really remember the last time a game did that. I'll have some more thoughts as I get further along.

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