Monday, October 24, 2011

Left 2 Rage

Let me get this straight, I love Left 4 Dead 2. It probably has the most compelling cooperative multiplayer on the market and its gameplay chock-full of tension, panic, and adrenaline keeps me coming back to play.

Most gamers, even if they don't own them, probably have played a campaign or two locally with a friend. While Campaign mode is certainly fun, they're missing out on the entire competitive multiplayer experience, VERSUS.

In Versus, you can be a zombie. Versus is fun. Versus doesn't take 2 hours to complete a map. Versus is completely filled with spineless rage-quitting chumps.

Is this me or the quitter?
For those of you still innocent to the dregs of online gaming, rage quitting is when your life is so pathetic, and your happiness so dependent on winning an online game, that you quit any match not going your way. I think this chart from VGCats summarizes the L4D ragequit experience pretty well.

Ragequitting doesn't really matter when 1 of the 16 players on your Team Fortress team quits. It makes a huge difference when 1 survivor (of 4 total) reverts to a braindead, vulnerable computer player. Sure, new players might join midway through a match, but momentum is already going fast into a spiral of raging. After the first rage and the team falls behind, more players don't want to waste time on a losing and rage, new players join, look at the score, rage, etc, etc. I, unfortunately, always end up in these situations because I'm convinced versus matches from the beginning still take too damn long, so I almost always hop into current games with empty player slots. Slots vacant because of the rage-quitting spiral.

But every once in a while you get a few others like me who refuse to ragequit, you rally back with a key pounce, charge a survivor off the roof, trigger the horde-alerting car alarm, or hold off the tank by yourself, and it's all worth it. Eat that rage quitters!

So ragequitters, get a life. You're ruining the experience for everyone.

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  1. It's sad that people do this. I guess it doesn't say much about the emotional maturity of the average online gamer.