Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Good Riddance Microsoft Points

Saw this article on GamesBeat today. Quote:

Microsoft is expected to phase out its proprietary virtual currency system, Microsoft Points, by the end of the year, according Inside Mobile Apps.

I wrote about this a week ago, but had no idea I'd hear about it so soon. It makes sense. If Microsoft wants to integrate Xbox Live more into its new Windows Phones, it's got to get rid of this clunky, ugly system and get more in line with the competition. I'm quite sure that some internal analysis over at Redmond indicated that money was being left on the table because of the extra step necessary to buy content from Xbox Live.

I'll say it again, content providers. Make it easy for us to give you money for the stuff we want. It's that simple.

Maybe now I'll finally buy some DLC or a downloadable game. Iron Brigade sounds pretty cool...

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  1. I hope they also remove Microsoft points for the Zune too. Might make it competitive with other music services.