Friday, November 11, 2011

Saints Row 3...

...sounds totally bonkers. I played the first one a few years ago, and spent the majority of my time ignoring story missions and instead committing insurance fraud by throwing myself in front of moving cars; this never stopped being funny to me. By all accounts, Saints Row 3 is completely insane. From the Giant Bomb review:
With all of these things in mind, I respect that Saints Row: The Third might not be a game for everyone. Specifically, those who do not find joy in the act of inflicting terrible, fiery, dildo-y pain on whatever innocent polygonal creature happens to wander too close to their personal blast zone will probably not get much out of Saints Row's unrelenting dedication to preposterous anarchy. It is a game specifically designed for annihilation junkies, those who can embrace the idea of an infantile playground of seemingly infinite obliterative pleasures.

Mmm... digital mayhem. That really sounds like fun.

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